Frequently Asked Questions

The three most important points in selecting the right SUP is to first answer the following:

  1. Weight of the heaviest person that will be using the SUP regularly.
  2. The most common use for the SUP: flat water cruising, flat ocean cruising, surfing small waves, racing, or a combination.
  3. Budget

From this information, we can then show you a selection of SUPs that will suit you. For more information please one of our distributors or head office to discuss your needs.

Your overall paddle height should be approximately 150mm to 180mm over head height. This will vary depending on whether the paddle is used for SUP surfing (generally shorter), or ocean downwinding (generally longer).

Your SUP leash is a very important safety feature that should be worn at all times.  On flat water your leash will stop your SUP from blowing away if you fall awkwardly. In the surf your leash will stop your SUP from getting washed away and possibly injuring other surfers/ swimmers.

Rinse your SUP with fresh water and allow to dry before storing away. Do not store a wet SUP in its cover or in direct heat or sunlight. Do not leave your SUP inside a vehicle, or on the roof of your car on a hot day, as permanent heat damage may result.

All YOB Australia SUPs have an automatic air vent. This vent allows air pressure within your SUP to adjust automatically to fluctuations of the ambient air temperature.

YOB Australia offer an industry leading 12 month warranty on all YOB Australia branded products.  YOB Australia design, test and manufacture all of their products and are proud of their suitability, performance and durability. 

In the unfortunate instance of damaging your SUP, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Remove the SUP from the water immediately.
  2. If the damage is superficial – Chipped paint or similar and there is no sign of water ingress:

Cover the affected area with ‘Ding Tape’ or similar and carry on using the SUP. Have the damage assessed at the earliest opportunity.

  1. If the damage is major – Signs of damaged fibreglass and foam core, and/or signs of water ingress:

Do not return the SUP to the water and have the damaged area repaired immediately.

NOTE: only use EPOXY RESIN when repairing YOB Australia SUPs.